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Sirrond Ltd: work experience and employability skills training in Enfield, Barnet, Herts and North London - 020 8920 3792

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Welcome to Sirrond

Sirrond is a company providing high quality, cost effective solutions for your school or academy in the areas of work experience and employability skills:

Work Experience

Employability Skills

Our services are designed to help your students get:

For more information on how we can help please call Doug Norris or Karen Norris on 020 8920 3792. You can also request a copy of our brochure by emailing

Request a copy of the Sirrond brochure

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Dame Alice Owens School

The Latymer School

Southgate School

Kingsmead School

Nightingale Academy

St Anne’s School

Enfield Secondary Support Centre

Bielefeld School (Germany)

Former Clients:

Central Michigan University

Our Clients in 2013 include:


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