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Sirrond Ltd: Providing Work Experience Solutions in Enfield, Barnet, Herts and North London - 020 8920 3792

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Barnet Work Experience

Sirrond offers a work experience service for schools and academies in Barnet.

The Sirrond model is geared towards schools and academies who want to improve their cost-effectiveness, become more self-sufficient, create their own bank of employer contacts and build up their image locally.


If you would like to know more about the operating arrangements please request a copy of our brochure or contact Karen Norris who will be happy to discuss it with you:

Karen Norris  
07880 331159

Request a copy of the Sirrond brochure

Mail: for Brochure

Only £39.50* per placement

Dame Alice Owen’s School

The Latymer School

Chancellor’s School

Southgate School

Kingsmead School

Nightingale Academy

Palmers Green High School

Enfield Secondary Support Centre

Bielefeld School (Germany)

Our clients include:

“Thanks to the services of Sirrond Ltd who came to our rescue” Read more

Careers Co-ordinator
Dame Alice Owen’s School