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Sirrond Ltd: Providing Work Experience Solutions in Enfield, Barnet, Herts and North London - 020 8920 3792

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Work Experience for Academies in North London

Sirrond is a new company offering a work experience service for academies in North London. This is the first time that most institutions have had a choice of suppliers for Work Experience.

The Sirrond model is geared towards academies who want to improve their cost-effectiveness, become more self-sufficient, create their own bank of employer contacts and build up their image locally.


If you would like to know more about the operating arrangements please request a copy of our brochure or contact Karen Norris who will be happy to discuss it with you:

Karen Norris  
07880 331159

work experience student in Haringey

Request a copy of the Sirrond brochure

Mail: for Brochure

Only £39.50* per placement