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Employers’ Guide to Offering Work Experience

Many employers find that offering work experience is a practical way of giving something back to the community.

What is involved in offering a placement?

Sirrond will help you draw up a placement description.  This will include a description of your business, working hours, tasks the student will do, dress code etc.

If you haven’t employed young people or taken students before a risk assessment for a young person will need to be carried out.

In most cases an informal interview with the student will take place before the placement.  

It is good to prepare a programme for the student and perhaps a research project that the student can work on during quiet periods.  This could be something like researching your competitors, giving an appraisal of your website/social media, interviewing different people within the company to find out about their roles etc.

Once you have it you can use it for future students and adapt it to their needs.

You will also be asked to do an induction for the student as you would with a new employee, including health and safety measures that apply to them, and assign someone to coach and supervise the student.

In most cases your employers liability insurance will cover a student on work experience.  Guidance from the Health and Safety Executive can be found here.

If you would like to offer a placement please contact us on 020 8920 3792 or email