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Sirrond Ltd: Providing Work Experience Solutions in Enfield, Barnet, Herts and North London - 020 8920 3792

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For more information please contact Doug Norris on 020 8920 3792 or email

Employability Skills Special Offer

Complete Employability Skills Package:

CV Surgery

£ 99.50

Interview Skills Workshop

£ 199.50

Interview Skills Practice

£14.90 per student (regular price £19.50)

Give your students the benefit of our complete Employability Skills Package and save up to £90 when purchased together:

Previous Clients:

“The lead director for employability, Doug Norris, has a remarkable insight into employer needs and is adept at advising others on how best to meet them.”

“I have used these services to help me prepare for two jobs and I got both- which is testimony to their effectiveness.”

Price for a Maximum Group Size of 20